The goal of design
isn't merely
to make a pretty thing.

Yes, that's an important aspect. But it's not everything. Not even close. The true goal is to communicate a message, the right way, to the right people. To set a mood. Evoke a feeling. Convey an emotion. Inspire an action. 

Whether the medium is a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, a local business logo, or a bumper sticker — they all have the same purpose. To get the message across. That's what I do.

Design is not just what it looks like or feels like — design is how it works."
Steve Jobs
Design is a solution to a problem.
Art is a question to a problem.”

John Maeda
Design in the absence of content is not design,
it’s decoration.

Jeffrey Zeldman
Design should not be the icing on the cake —
it should be part of the batter.

Jessie Kawata, Creative Strategist, JPL/NASA
AIGA See Change Conference, 2016
There is no such thing as a boring project.
There are only boring executions.

Irene Etzkorn
Do good work for good people. 
Aaron Draplin

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Madison, Wisconsin


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